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Loyalty Love ebook short story

Loyalty Love


Brian has six stamps on his loyalty card to ask the barista of his dreams on a date. Will he be a hot chocolate or a flat white? 

Brian is head over heels in love with the station coffee booth barista but he’s too shy to ask her out. Can he pluck up the courage to ask her before his slick suited rival or will she burst his Barista balloon?

I pulled a cloud from the sky - ebook

I Pulled a Cloud from the Sky
A free excerpt from my upcoming travel memoire. 

It's 2006. I packed up my job in IT and sold my flat. I was determined to have a mid-life career break. Not many of my late boomer generation took a gap year, but I'd had enough of the hamster wheel. I was going to travel to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and I wanted a bit of excitement.

Little did I know I had bitten off way more than I could chew.

This book is excellent, a real first hand account of war at sea. Well written, easy to read and informative.

A Smack at the Boche - Amazon Review


A fabulous book. The children loved both the story and the illustrations and enjoyed looking for the animals on each page. A great book for them to start to read themselves.

The Lazy Seagull - Amazon Review 

Great read for young kids.. easy for them to read along, lovely bright pictures.. which are also funny. Keeps my son entertained for ages he really enjoys getting stuck in reading along.

Zillid the Lizzid - Amazon Review 

Extremely well written, witty, charming, and a pleasure to read. What more do you need to know?

Sting Like a Butterfly - Amazon Review 

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