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Select your edition of the Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop series or get them all - why not ;-)

'Don't be a Hero' ebook is a freebee!!

Don't be a Hero ebook cover

Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop Book 1

If Harry had been a car, Big Marge would have kicked his tyres.

Guilt forces a man to do strange things. Applying for a job in a world where he doesn’t belong is one of them, and Big Marge knows it.

In this dark comedy, Harry is caught between pursuing his dream and paying his dues.

Battling against the problems he’s created for himself, Harry is stuck in BarryBet no-man’s land between Manager Marge, the ‘Star Wars Bar’ punters and the ambitious Area Manager. 

The odds are against Harry from the off. 

Will he fall at the first or find his jackpot?

Sacked in the Morning ebook cover

Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop Book 2

It's Harry's second day at BarryBet and he's on course to get himself and Big Marge sacked.

The shift starts badly when Nobby the Jobby wins the One-Arm-Bandit jackpot with Drug Dealer’s money, but gets worse when Harry loses the winning ticket.

With the takings down by a month’s wages, has Harry cocked-up his new cashier career and will he take Big Marge down with him?

As the tension mounts, can Harry save Nobby from a Drug Dealer’s machete, find the jackpot ticket and convince the Area Manager he’s a Secret Millionaire?

Don't miss this hilarious instalment, get your copy now...

Harry Christmas ebook cover

Harry Harris Bull in a Betting Shop Book 3

Harry's penny-pinching plumbing causes a DIY train wreck. He's taken out the ceiling, the washing machine the freezer and the tumble dryer.
Harry only has his burial money to pay for a white goods Christmas but it's not enough.

All Harry’s decisions are leading to an unhappy Christmas.

Big Marge wants to fill Harry’s stocking with cinders after he asks hated Area Manager McCafferty to the Christmas party.

Will he risk relationship, reputation and financial ruin on a dodgy horse racing tip?

Will it be microwaved turkey for Christmas dinner?

Can he get back on Marge’s Christmas card list?

Sting Like a Butterfly ebook cover

Fast paced comedy with a good mixture of laughs and real life battles.

Cheated out of an Olympic gold by a bee in his helmet, ex-boxer Biffo is flat lining through a lonely life full of bitterness and regret. He’s seduced into Salsa class, where he meets beekeeper Beryl. She’s looking for a man to sweep her off her feet, but finds a man who stands on her feet. 

Will Salsa be Biffo’s salvation or is he too macho to mambo? 

Is Beryl wearing steel toe cap shoes so that Biffo can walk all over her?

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