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A Smack at the Boche book cover

“I'm not a coward, but when 11 inch shells come screaming at you, well I know why the Navy supply two pairs of pants.”

If you like Max Hastings and World War Two naval history then you will love this autobiography which gives an easy to read insider view of life in the Royal Navy during the war.

Ronnie Turner had set his sights on a career with the Royal Navy and like Ant Middleton, he wouldn’t stop until he’d achieved his goal of having ‘a smack at the boche’.

His quest plucked him from his home in Liverpool and led him to the exotic temptations of Rio, freezing Falkland storms and searching for a heavily armed German raider in a rowing boat with six scousers and a padre.

Drawn from Ronnie’s illegal war diary and illustrated with never seen before photographs of life on board a Royal Navy heavy cruiser, this enjoyable tale of pocket battleships, torpedoed crews and Admiral Harwood’s tattoo’s, all sprinkled with Spike Milligan like humour, make this a story you won’t want to put down.

Download this fascinating military history biography today.

Smack ebook
I Pulled a Cloud from the Sky book cover

Excerpt from my forthcoming round the world travel journal 

“Streuth, you know six people died in that race only the other year mate.” 

My Aussie cousin clearly wasn't displaying the adventurous spirit that had brought his Grandfather half way round the world. But he had a point.

It's 2006. I packed up my job in IT and sold my flat. I was determined to have a mid-life career break. Not many of my late boomer generation took a gap year, but I'd had enough of the hamster wheel. I was going to travel to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and I wanted a bit of excitement.

Little did I know I had bitten off way more than I could chew.

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