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Short Stories

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Imagine book cover

Imagine The Beatles at the Pearly Gates

Imagine The Beatles at the Pearly Gates. When the fab four finally have to face their day of reckoning with the Big Guy will they be told to Get Back or will it be Strawberry Fields Forever?

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Loyalty Love book cover

Brian has six stamps on his loyalty card to ask the barista of his dreams on a date. Will he be a hot chocolate or a flat white?

Brian is head over heels in love with the station coffee booth barista but he's too shy to ask her out.


Can he pluck up the courage to ask her before his slick suited rival or will she burst his Barista balloon?

Get this prize winning humour short story now.

Smile book cover

Short stories, flash fiction and poetry to make you smile

This is a collection of my short stories, flash fiction and poems.


Most of it has a humour element, but Sootprints is a Halloween (scary) special.


Quite a lot of these ditties were written on my commute  all over the North West over a period of about six years. You might detect some of it is a little rant about trains and passengers, but they deserve it.

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